Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Origen on the Dangers in Straying Too Far From the Official Teaching of Rome

"I freely confess the maxim spoken by a wise and faithful man, which I often invoke: "It is dangerous even to speak truly about God." For not only are the false things said about him dangerous, but likewise things that are true and that are brought forth at the wrong time give rise to danger to the one who speaks them." [Homily on Ezekiel 1:11.3]

"I do not know whether we should divulge such mystical things before this sort of audience, particularly among those who do not examine the essence of the Scriptures, but are happy with the barest sense alone. It is dangerous." [Homily on Luke 23:5]

But Irenaeus in Rome puts forward a veiled threat of violence against those who reject his New Testament canon:

And if indeed Marcion's followers reject these [passages], they will then possess no Gospel; for, curtailing that according to Luke, as I have said already, they boast in having the Gospel [in what remains]. But the followers of Valentinus must give up their utterly vain talk; for they have taken from that [Gospel] many occasions for their own speculations, to put an evil interpretation upon what he has well said. If, on the other hand, they feel compelled to receive the remaining portions also, then, by studying the perfect Gospel, and the doctrine of the apostles, they will find it necessary to repent, that they may be saved from the danger [to which they are exposed].[AH iii.14.4]

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