Saturday, November 19, 2011

David Trobisch's Tells Me Marcion is the Hottest Thing at the AAR-SBL Conference

I briefly spoke with Trobisch today.  He's apparently in San Francisco for the AAR-SBL conference.  In any event, we were talking about another matter and he reinforced something that he always tells me whenever we speak - Marcion is the 'hot thing' in scholarship right now.  Apparently there is 'mind-blowing stuff' going on in the world of Marcionite research.  I guess I haven't seen it, but I should take a second look at the list of sessions and get a hold of the papers ultimately.  The only reason I remain dubious here is that I can't believe that the people who attend these conferences are capable of 'thinking out of the box.'   How is anyone going to be able to know Marcion if they can't get the hostile voice of those giving us the information out of their head ...

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