Sunday, September 22, 2013

Lorenzo Perrone The Find of the Munich Codex: A Collection of 29 Homilies of Origen on the Psalms

The article giving an overview of the importance of the recent discovery of Origen's Homilies on the Psalms is available here.  I have always thought that this passage in the Second Homily on Psalm 77 is particularly significant:

We know this by experience: in our early age the heresies were flourishing and many seemed to be those who assembled around them. All those who were eager for the teachings of Christ, lacking clever teachers in the church, because of such famine imitated those who in a famine eat human flesh. Thus, they separated from the healthy doctrine and attached themselves to every possible teaching and united themselves in schools.  Yet, when the grace of God radiated a more abundant teaching, day after day the heresies broke up and their supposed secret doctrines were brought to light and denounced as being blasphemies and impious and godless words.

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