Friday, November 21, 2014

Matthew 15:13

"The Lord (beholdeth and) knoweth them that are His; " and "the plant which (my heavenly Father) hath not planted, He rooteth up; " and "the first shall," as He shows, "be last; " and He carries "His fan in His hand to purge His threshing-floor." [Tertullian De praescriptionibus aduersus haereses omnes 3.8 REFOULE R.F., CCL 1 (1954), (p.189, l.21) BP1]
I am virtually certain that J. Schafers, Eine altsyrische antimarkionitische Erkldrung von Parabeln des Herrn und zwei andere altsyrische Abhandlungen zu Texten der Evangelien says Marcion cut this passage but I will have to double check.

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