Friday, November 21, 2014

Matthew 16:18, 19

What man, then, of sound mind can possibly suppose that they were ignorant of anything, whom the Lord ordained to be masters keeping them, as He did, inseparable (from Himself) in their attendance, in their discipleship, in their society, to whom, "when they were alone, He used to expound" all things which were obscure, telling them that "to them it was given to know those mysteries," (Matthew 13:11) which it was not permitted the people to understand? Was anything withheld from the knowledge of Peter, who is called "the rock on which the church should be built," (Matthew 16:18) who also obtained "the keys of the kingdom of heaven," (Matthew 16:19) with the power of "loosing and binding in heaven and on earth? " (Matthew 16:19) Was anything, again, concealed from John, the Lord's most beloved disciple, who used to lean on His breast to whom alone the Lord pointed Judas out as the traitor, whom He commended to Mary as a son in His own stead? [Tertullian De praescriptionibus aduersus haereses omnes 22.4 REFOULE R.F., CCL 1 (1954), (p.203, l.14) BP1]

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