Friday, November 21, 2014

Matthew 20:23

"That of all which the Father hath given to me, I should lose none," -not even a hair, as also not an eye nor a tooth. And yet whence shall come that "weeping and gnashing of teeth,"236 if not from eyes and teeth?-even at that time when the body shall be slain in hell, and thrust out into that outer darkness which shall be the suitable torment of the eyes. He also who shall not be clothed at the marriage feast in the raiment of good works, will have to be "bound hand and foot,"-as being, of course, raised in his body. So, again, the very reclining at the feast in the kingdom of God, and sitting on Christ's thrones, and standing at last on His right hand and His left, and eating of the tree of life: what are all these but most certain proofs of a bodily appointment and destination? [Tertullian De resurrectione mortuorum 35.13 BORLEFFS J.G.Ph., CCL 2 (1954),(p.968, l.53) BP1]

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