Monday, March 9, 2015

The Variant Samaritan Exodus 20 Used by the Two Powers Heretics is Also Reflected in the Jewish Community at Qumran

It is of great importance therefore that in Exodus 20 (Samaritan Pentateuch) we find three textual expansions ...

  1. All three expansions in Exodus 20 (Samaritan Pentateuch) are complex and not all elements are specifically Samaritan. 
  2. The Gerizim verses of Deuteronomy 27 (the elements of the above mentioned expansions) are to be found in each of three fragments (4Q158.6; 4Q175 and 4QExa col. 29) from Qumran as well. The first textual expansion of the Samaritan Pentateuch in Exodus 20:17 (MT) consists of the following verses: Exodus 13-11a; Deuteronomy 27:2b—3a; Deuteronomy 27:4—7; and Deuteronomy 11:30.52 The second one in Exodus 20:19 (MT) comprises the verses Deuteronomy 5:24—27. The third expansion in Exodus 20-22a (MT) is made of Deuteronomy 5:28b—29; Deuteronomy 18:18—22 and Deuteronomy 5:30—31. This last one with the same order of verses can be found in three different fragments from Qumran too ... The two fragments of the non biblical scrolls 4Q158.6 and 4Q175 do contain it as well as the fragment of the biblical scroll 4QExa (= 4Qpaleoexm) col 29. [Ferdinand Dexinger, “Qumran and Samaritan Messianology,” p 98]

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