Friday, June 19, 2009

On The Islamic Paraclete

Jastrow has the passive participle mehayman under the verb hêman HE-YOD-MEM-NUN which is a four-letter root derived from the three-letter root ALEF-MEM-NUN.

Muh.ammad is a passive participle of a form corresponding to the Hebrew pu’al, from the root H.ET-MEM-DALET. T means “commendable, worthy, esteemed, cherished, having value”. See the range of meanings of the Hebrew noun חמדה The root of ma’amad is ‘AYIN-MEM-DALET. The Islamic theologians point out insistently that nouns and adjectives with this meaning occur in most of the passages that some Christians say refer to Jesus in the O.T., so Muhammad is shown by Scripture to be the Paraclete

The Arabic word meaning faithful is امين amîn = אמין in Hebrew letters.

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