Sunday, June 14, 2009

On Mohammed the Paraclete

Muḥammad is the Arabic equivalent of a title of the Menaḥem. At the moment I don't know the Hebrew form behind it, but it will be from the same root, ḥet mem dalet. Look up the passive participle ḥamud and the abstract noun ḥemdah. I mean look them up in the big dictionary of Biblical Hebrew for attested usage as well as Jastrow. Note the contexts in the OT which words from this root are used. Try to find verses or groups of verses with both forms from nun ḥet mem (verbs in the pi'el and the abstract noun neḥamah) and the root ḥet mem dalet.

Don't forget although that the verb nun ḥet mem in the nif'al usually means either to change your mind or to regret having done something, and in the pi'el to comfort someone, it can mean to take vengeance in the hitpa'el or nif'al.

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