Monday, December 21, 2009

The Real Messiah Has Just Been Reprinted in Hardback LESS THAN NINE MONTHS AFTER ITS INITIAL PUBLICATION

Apparently this is good news but I have yet to see an official statement of sales to date. It came from my publisher:

Dear Stephan,

Good news - we are reprinting RM for the USA in hardback and we have just shipped surplus stock from the UK to the US as well. It hasnt sold in the UK. Therefore we won't now do a paperback until Spring 11.



Well, I guess things are going well. At the very least I can say that I did my best to give an accurate picture about how Christianity began in Alexandria.

I didn't have any agenda to promote. I just told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to the best of my abilities.

When I look at all Viklund has uncovered about Stephen Carlson's book, at least I can say that I tried to get the best photographs possible on which to base my research. When I couldn't make out the inscription properly from the existing photographs that were out there I sent my secretary to Venice to secure custom made originals (luckily she was a northern Italian - the Basilica would never have agreed to do it otherwise).

Of course Carlson managed to become a PhD candidate through his shoddy scholarship and with Bart Ehrman no less.

What do I get for all my 'ethics'? Well ... just look up at that picture at the top of my blog. Nothing could be better than that ...

Well, having some more people buy the Real Messiah here would be a close second!

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