Sunday, May 16, 2010

Explaining the Gnostic Marcus's Interest in 'Silence' Through the Writings of Samaritan Mark

I have long argued that Marqe (Mark) the Samaritan was one and the same with the gnostic Mark of Irenaeus. They both have the exact same interest in letters, numbers and gematria. Marqe also has the exact same interest in a hypostasis called Silence. Here are some examples:

By this mystery He revealed that He is the Ancient One who has no beginning. He is the One who existed above the abyss of the Primaeval Silence. He it is who created when He willed and intended. He is I AM. He is the One who is after the world; just as He was in the first, so will He be in the last. [Mimar Marqe iv.4]

Elsewhere the faithful prophet taught us that Creation was founded on an origin and it was the matter1 of the Primordial Silence to which it returns. By reason of this God made all creatures in six days and rested on the seventh day. [ibid iv.5]

in the Silence you have sowed words, and creatures came out [ibid]

Compare what is written of Mark in Irenaeus. You will see that the two Marks have the same system. The only difference of course is that the Samaritan writing makes clear WHY 'Silence' is so important to the sect.

The term that is used throughout is שׁתק (Shataq = to be silent, to cease, to be quiet) found in Jonah 1:11-12. Yet the EXPLANATION for why this term is important is by adding up the letters shin (300) + tav (400) + qof (100) = 800. In kabbalah the zeroes of round numbers like this are always dropped. In short 'silence' is an expression of the ogdoad.

As such I am increasingly convinced that the heretical boogeyman 'Simon Magus' is derived from the Hebrew number eight. But I've already written extensively on that subject before ...

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