Saturday, May 1, 2010

Photius Can be Interpreted to Confirm that the 'Original Letters' of Irenaeus Weren't So Orthodox

I am trying to prove to people that the stuff that people like Evans and Hurtado put out about a unified Church since the very beginning is complete garbage. Polycarp wasn't so orthodox and neither was Irenaeus. It was just the work of later editors that kept 'updating' their beliefs to suit changing times. Here's how Photius explains anomalies he found in the original letters of Irenaeus:

St. Irenaeus is said to have been the author of many other works of various kinds including letters, in some of which it should be observed that the exact truth of the doctrines of the Church appears to be falsified by spurious arguments. (Bibl. cod. 120)

Of course the pious will take Photius's explanation at face value. The real question now is will any of you?

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