Thursday, May 6, 2010

Will Have New Exciting Post Up Soon

I was just finishing what I thought was a very exciting interpretation of that reference in Philo to a 'Basket Festival' in the Alexandrian temple when I accidentally erased the entire article! I am very disappointed and I am going to retire for the night and work on it again tomorrow. Nevertheless what I can say about the article is that I have went beyond merely proving that there was an Alexandrian temple - I think the hymn which appears in Special Laws Book Two 215 - 221 and is supposedly based on Deuteronomy chapter 26 can demonstrate the ground out of which Alexandrian Christianity developed.

I don't want to spoil the ending as it were but what it shows is that the Jewish community of Alexandria had already re-interpreted the traditional assumptions about eretz yisrael. In short the ancient Alexandrians had already moved beyond defining 'redemption' as the inheritance of "a land flowing with milk and honey." [Deut. 26.9]

Philo's witness regarding the contemporary Alexandrian liturgy reveals that it was in many ways 'proto-Christian.' In other words, the Jews in Alexandria weren't thinking in terms of PHYSICALLY going to a 'Promised Land' in Palestine. What were they expecting? Stay tuned ...

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