Sunday, June 27, 2010

אגריפס + Ἰησοῦς = 360

I have been working on an important paper which has to do with the symbolic meaning of the throne of St. Mark.  To make a long story short Dorigo (1989) realized that it was designed according to specifications which reflected the number 360.  It was always well known that the Marcosians venerated this number. But I figured out that their interest in the Episemon (the sixth letter of the Greek alphabet used for counting) was owing to the difference between the lunar year (354 days) and the ancient solar year (360 days).  When the Episemon (or vav) was reconciled with the old calendar of the Jews it becomes the 360 day year of the Egyptian Church.

I have always thought that the secret narrative of the gospel involving "two becoming one" has something to do with Jesus who was taken to be the representative of the Episemon because his name had six letters (Ἰησοῦς see Irenaeus AH i.14.1) becoming one with little Mark.  Now I have realized that the name Agrippa has the same numerological value as the lunar year (60 + 80 + 10 + 200 + 3 + אגריפס = 1) so once again 354 + 6 = 360.

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