Sunday, June 20, 2010

I Will Have Information to Report on the Alleged Handwriting Sample that Matches the Mar Saba Document After June 30th

My contact who happens to be very close to the discoverer of this parallel text told me the following today in an email:

All is well noted and as I will meet Memos Tselikas --on the occasion of the general Assembly of an Institute-- on the 30th of June, I will put your question forward. I understand well your interest in this document.

I have asked him for a copy of what Tselikas had originally thought proved that the MS of the Letter to Theodore was written at another monastery. If I manage to get the text I will hand it over to two prominent experts I know, each on opposite sides of the debate and let them sort it out. I will also post the scan at this blog.

If you are interested in the Mar Saba document and the debate surrounding it make sure to come back here after the first of July. I might not get a copy of this manuscript (life rarely works out this way) but at the very least I might have an explanation about why Tselika's didn't submit a report to BAR.

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