Monday, June 14, 2010

Just One More Thought ...

As William Adler notes Origen thought that the figure of Daniel's messiah should not be identified with Jesus but "should instead be identified either as Herod or as Agrippa (the latter, he says, on the authority of a 'Jewish history').'" Origen says this in the Latin Commentary on Matthew. But I find it strange that by the time the Yosippon is established (Josephus's account of the Jewish War translated into Hebrew) the very same idea is added to the material which ultimately derives from the Latin Hegesippus tradition.  My guess is that Origen's source is Justus of Tiberias's history of the Jewish War which is now lost. Justus was after all Agrippa's secretary and we must imagine that it would be in his interest to develop a flattering portrayal of his master. However I would like very much to see what von Harnack has to say about the whole situation in Die kirchengeschichtliche Ertrag der exegetischen Arbeiten der Origenes. The only problem is that it is not available in any library near me nor is at available in Google Books. Could readers of my blog (especially those in Europe) get me a copy at their university library. Just a thought ...

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