Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Alexandrian Survey Update

My contact will send photos he has of that underwater formation which might be a massive building built just beyond the location of the remains of the fabled Martyrium of St. Mark in eastern Alexandria in the district called Τὰ Βουκόλου or 'the Cattle Pasture.'  Birger Pearson thought they were the remains of buildings when he was in Alexandria years ago.  The aerial photos seemed to confirm his suspicions.  Of course divers went down last month in bad weather and they just thought they were natural formations.  Now the photos they took seem to indicate they are man made structures.  We are going to have to remove the sand with an airlift or a hydrolift to be certain but it just might be something very, very, very important (tSuk 4:6; ySuk 5, 55a-b; and bSuk 51b and Philo).

Will keep everyone informed, I promise ...

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