Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Photos From Chatby Beach in Alexandria

I don't know how to convert PDF files for use as photos on my blog but let me tell you - they are astounding. I know nothing about underwater formation but if nature can make things perfectly grow underwater with this degree of symmetry and perfect right angles Stonehenge might be a natural formation too. I am very convinced we found something significant!

The experts who look at the photos write "All what I can say at this stage is that if the deep carvings are man made and if they are part of a sort of structure ...this is a very large building. Bearing in mind some maps of the late 15th and early 16th century the subsidence that has totally submerged that esplanade must be a relatively recent phenomenon of the last 400 years."

Who isn't excited by this stuff? I can't imagine. It might well be a building that doesn't date from before the Common Era. But even still it seems impossible to believe that it wouldn't have something to do with St. Mark. As I noted many times here before this area was always claimed by the Christians. It isn't going to turn out to be a warehouse or a sausage factory, that's for sure ...

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