Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stupid Quote of the Day (From Someone Who Should Know Better)

Bart Ehrman, writes in Misquoting Jesus, "One of the ironies of early Christianity is that Jesus himself was a Jew, who worshiped The Jewish God, kept Jewish customs, intepreted the Jewish law, and aquired Jewish disciples who accepted him as the Jewish Messiah! Yet within decades of Jesus' death, his followers formed a religion that stood against Judaism, as an anti-Jewish sect!" I don't know where to start with this stupidity. When are New Testament scholars going to be able to differentiate between the actual historical context the Church Fathers are deliberately misrepresenting? When are they going to understand what is possible AND IMPOSSIBLE within a Jewish messianic milieu?

The bottom line is that just because the Church Fathers report it, doesn't mean it is true. Learn to think critically about what you read.

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