Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Compliment, a Reference and an Article

What writer doesn't Google their name, at least once a week? Well, if you ask an author this question and he tries to deny that he has this habit - HE'S LYING. Anyway, I discovered someone saying nice things about me (who'd think!). It was Richard over at whose linked to this site and is telling people all about what is said over here:

"Stephen is becoming one of my favorite writers. His stuff is always well researched, and has something to do with my interest in the study of early Christianity."

That's nicer than anything my wife has said about me in over twenty three years of being together (well at least in the last ten years). Thanks Richard!

I have also been corresponding with Tjitze Baarda who already finished that article I suggested on that curious passage in the Diatessaron. As I told you last time, it is people like Baarda who actually made me realize I lacked the necessary language skills to be a 'professional scholar.' Greek, Latin, Aramaic, Arabic plus Dutch, English and undoubtedly German (and possibly French too). Such an awesome package. I can barely get by with my language skills in about half of these languages.

Anyway, he cites me as the guy who had the idea for the article. He also asked me in his email to suggest any corrections to his fascinating article. I actually gave him a line of proof he hadn't considered. Let's see if he incorporates in his article.

People talk about all sorts of 'great scholars' but Baarda is the real deal. Scary good.

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