Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hezbollah Unveils New Propaganda Tool - Hot, Sexy Unveiled Women

A number of photos were snapped by AP on August 3rd from a rally for the fourth anniversary of the war with Israel.  A number of bloggers have suspected that the appearance of these sexy, unveiled protesters have something to do with what is reported in this 2008 Now Lebanon article:

In its first issue of 2007, the Lebanese weekly current affairs magazine Ash-Shiraa, in a story on the newly-initiated downtown sit-in that would eventually last for over 18 months, published a statistic showing that that while Hezbollah paid veiled – or muhajjabat –supporters $15 per day for attending the demonstration, those who agreed to go unveiled were paid a little over $33 or 50,000 LL.

Dr. Hilal Khashan, professor of political studies at the American University of Beirut (AUB), suspected that this unique privileging of unveiled women by a party that encourages the wearing of the hijab among its women followers was because it “wanted [them] to look like Christians.” The appearance of unveiled women would have helped make the protest look like a national movement rather than a sectarian one.

Sex sells everywhere I guess ...

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