Monday, September 6, 2010

The Marcionite Inscription at Deir Ali

The earliest known church inscription (found near Damascus) is Marcionite, and dates to 318 CE and reads:

Συναγωγη Μαρκιωνιστων κωμ(ης)
Λεβαβων του κ(υριο)υ και σω(τη)ρ(ος) Ιη(σου) Χρηστου
προνοια(ι) Παυλου πρεσβ(υτερου) -- του λχ' ετους.

["The meeting-house of the Marcionists, in the village of
Lebaba, of the Lord and Savior Jesus The Good.
Erected by the forethought of Paul the elder -- In the year 630."]

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