Friday, December 10, 2010

The Mar Saba Document Still Exists and is Available For a Price

I mean let's get into the real world. If the document had been discovered in Germany or America or some other 'idealistic' culture it might be plausible that the document might have been destroyed for doctrinal reasons. But this is Greece for God's sake! The document could have said anything. As long as it has the interest of stupid outsiders it will exist and continue to exist as long as corruption is as rampant as it is in Greece today.

The Mar Saba document will never be destroyed. Maybe they might destroy a document because what is written 'upsets the principles of organized religion' in some other cultures, but not Greece. I have grown up with Greeks and Macedonians all my life. I understand their way of life. This document exists and continues to exist because of its potential for earning money.

And don't tell me that its disappearance contradicts this assumption either. There are always two sides to an issue ...

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