Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Marcionites Rejected the Gospel of John

For Marcion, rejecting the entire Gospel, yea rather, cutting himself off from the Gospel, boasts that he has part of the Gospel, others (alli) truly, in order that they might set frustrate the gift of the spirit which in recent times has been poured out upon humankind by the good pleasure of the father, do not admit that aspect [of the fourfold gospel] which is according to the gospel of John [AH 3.11.9]

If thou hadst not rejected the writings which are contrary to thy system, the Gospel of John would be there to convince thee [Tertullian de Carne Christi 3]

The implication seems to suggest that there were two classes of Marcionites - those who only knew the shortened publicly circulating gospel and 'others' who had a 'spiritual' gospel of Mark (see AH 3.11.7). 

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