Monday, April 25, 2011

The End of Any Debate Over the Authenticity of the Letter to Theodore

I don't know if people realize this - but I have a real job. I blog about 'Secret Mark' and the like only because I feel almost all the 'experts' have dropped the ball. I have a very important meeting today but I will still find time to demonstrate to these idiots who are off debating things which have no relevance to the question of whether or not Mark wrote the passage about Jesus initiating a chosen disciple 'the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven.' I have said all along that if New Testament scholars had any real familiarity with the Book of Joshua that they would have realized at once the source of LGM 1 (= the first addition to Secret Mark). Well, I guess the problem is that they never read the Samaritan version of the text. Here is Crane's translation of the introduction of that document where Moses is clearly said to have initiated Joshua (Oshea in the Masoretic and LXX version of Numbers 13:16,17) into the mysteries of the kingdom of God:

At the completion of the hundred and nineteenth year, on the first day of the eleventh month, of the life of our master Musa the prophet- peace be upon him- God revealed unto him in the plain of Mab (Moab), that he should lay his hand upon the head of Yush'a (Joshua), the son of Nun, the spiritual man; meaning by this, that he (Moses) should give him (Joshua) information of the profound secret, and revealed to him the vision of his dream and the science of knowledge, as much as he was capable of bearing; by the which his heart would be strengthened and his spirit perfected and his soul elevated, and the rule over the creatures be rendered easy unto him; and that he should also inform him of the Name, by which he should put to flight hostile armies, and by which a nation that no country could contain and whose numbers were countless might be confounded. And He ordered him (Moses) to set him (Joshua) before el-`Azar (Eleazar) the imam - peace be upon him- and to assemble unto him (Joshua) the people of learning and knowledge with the nobles and rulers, and ratify a compact with him, and make a new covenant with him, and invest him with the kingly authority, and install him in the rule over all the children of Israil. Thereupon the Prophet laid on el`Azar the imam - peace be upon him - the command, which rested on him, to superintend the affair with completeness and splendor, and not to enter upon any affair or turn aside under any circumstance, except after he had seen to this. And at the completion of his inauguration, the priests sounded with trumpets, and the heralds made proclamation for his standard, and the banners and flags were unfurled to his reign. Our master, the prophet Musa- peace be upon him - had seen that he (Joshua) was wont to go forth in the front line of battle during his (Moses') days, in order that he might by actual trial gain experience of what he knew and had observed. [Samaritan Chronicle 1.2]

God these people are so close-minded and stubborn-hearted! Can we at least agree that the debate is now over? I want to move on to what this tell us about Mark's purpose in gospel writing again. Let me know ...

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