Friday, April 29, 2011

A Must Read Post at Markus Vinzent's Blog

I was one of the first to tell you about Markus Vinzent's blog and his new book. Now you can see why this is big news. In his latest post Professor Vinzent is comparing the Marcionite gospel with Luke and Mark (you see why German scholarship is light years ahead of the stupid North American variety). Who cares about the Secret Mark conference. Seriously. It's scholars like Vinzent who are going to change the world. But remember - Vinzent's greatness is easily explainable. It's not coincidence that he is set apart from the other crud. He can speak and read German. That's what it all comes down to (and not like when north Americans tell you they 'understand German').

It is in the German language where all the meaningful scholarship on Marcion has been developed for the last century and a half. It will always be that way because Germans are quite frankly superior intellectually to everyone else. I'm not hinting at a racial superiority of course. I had relatives in Dachau and Auschwitz for God's sake. But the German language is simply more precise and scientific. All the greatest thinkers in my opinion have always been German speakers. I think it comes down to German being a superior communication medium.

I better quite while I'm ahead ...

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