Saturday, April 30, 2011

Some Interesting Leads to Follow With Respect to the Person of Morton Smith

I don't know why I am throwing this out there. Maybe someone wants to follow this stuff up and report back here. Here is what came out of calls this week:
  • a claim that Morton Smith was married which an eyewitness claims to have heard from W D Davies of the Union Theological Seminary.  I have also been told that Morton Smith once laughed off this rumor when it was brought to his attention. 
  • the earliest gossip I have found which identifies Morton Smith as a homosexual comes from 1973 and was related to the publication of Jesus the Magician. 'Mortie's book reflects what went on in his mind' said by David Noel Freedman
  • Morton Smith was respected by all but liked by few.  He lived in a tidy and very neat apartment in New York by himself.  All his acquaintances were fellow academics. 
  • I am certain I have found Morton Smith's female love interest and quite possibly a clandestine lover.  Still working on developing that but it is a very tricky business. 
There's more but I have to go take care of family business right now. 

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