Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ruaridh Boid Confirms the Likelihood of Two Systems of Counting of Sabbatical Years and Jubilees Among the Ancient Samaritans

Just a short note. I developed a theory about Sabbatical years and Jubilee years in my book the Real Messiah which is now at odds with my identification of the year after the `fifteenth year of Tiberius` (Luke 3.1) as a Jubilee. In the Real Messiah I used the system of Abul Fath (fourteenth century Samaritan chronicler) to prove that 38 CE was a Jubilee year among some Samaritans. I just recently found out that the Tulidah similarly identifies 27 CE as a Jubilee. I asked him whether the differences here represent two different systems of counting Sabbatical years and Jubilees. Professor Boid agrees and will commit further resources to study this idea.

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