Monday, May 16, 2011

This Site's Current Alexa Ranking

For what it's worth I couldn't help notice that this silly blog is now closing in on a Top 50 Biblioblog ranking.  We are currently the 288,485th ranked URL in the United States and 1,320,117th in the world. Apparently 91% of the traffic here is from within the United States. If I cheated and used one of those services based in Pakistan or outside of the United States to bump up my statistics I'd easily make the grade. But that ain't my style. I've always tried hard to maintain my personal status as an honorable failure.

But just to give you an example - the 50th site last month 'King James Only' is now ranked 172,484th in the United States but 668,543th in the world. The 48th ranked site last month is now 208,320th in the United States and 802,460th in the world. Those kind of numbers are well within range.

The truth is that I never imagined that this site had that kind of popularity. I've really doing everything against the grain. The usual tricks of the trade as it were are to use plenty of images (image searches account for over half of all searches), news articles, polls and other nonsense that I have never engaged in. I quite literally get on the computer at the end of the night and write down whatever has been going through my head for most of the day. I continue to be utterly amazed and humbled that I have anything resembling a following. It is clearly a silent following as few people leave comments.

This is probably as close as we will ever get to joining the ranks of the people who despise me. Nevertheless I want to thank everyone for continuing to read the blog and making it interesting.

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