Saturday, May 21, 2011

An Update on the Archaeological Expedition in Alexandria to Uncover the Original Church of Egypt

I have just been informed by the leader of the underwater explanation that we have received approval to continue to uncover the remains of the original church in the fall. Indeed the good news is that that there is new evidence to suggest a fourth century dating for at least some of the discovery:

Besides the Early Christian capitals and other architectural elements witnessing to the presence of a submerged large church at Chatby, Professor Bianchi, who I recently met, when looking at photographs of some of our finds in the region did say that what we considered as part of the lid of a sarcophagus is in fact part of a bread-presentation table, an artifact dating probably to the 4th cent. A.D. where 12 round loafs of bread were placed on such tables. I expect to receive photographs of parallel similar finds.

This is going to be very exciting indeed and I plan to attend some of the work and send back pictures via my blog. Hope you will all stay tuned.

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