Thursday, June 2, 2011

Alexa Update

I love my blog but even I have difficulty believing that so many people are reading what I write. The latest report from Alexa makes it seem that by next month I will be in the Top 10 Biblioblogs:

672,419 Overall 138,481 in the US

How is this possible? Are there really that many people who care about Homeric centos, Clement of Alexandria and Morton Smith. Smith didn't have any children but maybe he made lots of illegitimate babies that want to find out as much as possible about their daddy.

Seriously though, this can't be real. I acknowledge that may be some of this might be attributable to the controversy that the fat bully Joel Watts inevitably cooks up with various 'enemies' to boost his ratings (cf. Vridar on this). I remember the last time he 'hated on me' I had a sizable bump (not in my pants but in my Alexa rankings of course).

The point is that just a day after being 41st on the ranking, I would be 38th if the poll was taken today. I don't know how much further this will extend. Like sitting at the casino or cheating on your wife, the good times have to come to an end. Nevertheless it is flattering that so many care about the same things I do.

It almost makes the seeming endless rain in Seattle endurable.

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