Saturday, June 11, 2011

I Am Asking Harvard University Books to Send Me Smith's Uncropped Original Photos of Mar Saba 65 Photos

What is left to take serious in Stephen Carlson's Gospel Hoax. One by one the gossip, innuendo and hearsay has been shot down. Here's another 'question' that Carlson raises in his book that is going to be 'answered' in coming days:

Unfortunately, Smith did not publish any photographs of the first extant page; the margins of the photographs in Clement are cropped, and the only, non-cropped photograph of the first page of Theodore (Secret Gospel 38) has a black-and-white cord obscuring the place where the stain was visible in later photographs [Gospel Hoax p. 34]

and again:

Though challenged, Smith did not attempt to go back to Mar Saba to obtain additional physical evidence or even to publish non-cropped photographs of the text. In fact, his last will and testament ordered his correspondence in which he may have exposed his involvement to be destroyed. [p. 78]

We have already explained what motivated Smith to instruct his executors to destroy his personal papers after his death. And yes, we have the photos that Kallistos Dourvas gave to Charles Hedrick. Nevertheless in order to answer the conspiracy theory head on I have requested that Smith's original publisher give me the original uncropped photos that were used in the publishing of the book. As soon as I get them I will publish them here.

However, speaking to the publisher actually raised a far more interesting question for me - who controls Smith's estate today? I am working on solving this mystery as we speak ...

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