Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Managed to Find an English Translation of the Abstract for Emmanuel Linartikes's the Ecumenical Patriarch Kalinkos III (IV) and the Issue of Rebaptism

Original Source - a) the Ecumenical Patriarch Kalinikos is being introduced with this dissertation. He lived in the eighteenth century. He was born in Zagora Pelion, and studied in Constantinople. He became t he Metropolitan Bishop of Proilavo in 1743 and in 1757 the Ecumenical Patriarch. Because of the rebaptizing controversy he was first exiled to the island of Limnos and later to Sinai from here he escaped. He returned to Constantinople. He was exonerated by the Synod and settled in his hometown of Zagora where he died in 1791. He benefited his birthplace in many ways, morally, spiritually, financially. He played a leading part in the establishment of schools and various projects beneficial to the community writings:

  1. copying of various works 
  2. personal works:
  • historical
  • dogmatical
  • hymns
  • speeches
  • lettters
  • various historical notes
B) We researched 46 manuscripts of the library of Zagora.  We corrected and supplemented previous catalogs of his manuscripts.  We found works considered lost.  We corrected erroneous information provided by other researchers.  We provide important new information.

C) He is proven to be an important figure of modern Greece: an enlightened clergyman, a zealot of Orthodox doctrines and vehement opponent of the Roman Catholics.  He was brave, a patriot and a humanist, virtuous, charitable and a scholar.  He served his people and the Orthodox Church as few in his time.  

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