Friday, June 17, 2011

Is it Just Me or Are Half the Letter Examples in Tselikas's 'Palaeographic Observation' for Biblical Archaeology Review Ridiculously Blurry and Unusable

I was going through Tselikas's examples of the various letters in Mar Saba 65 and I couldn't help notice that he provides usually only one usable and clear image of each letter.  I don't have the capability of reproducing the original examples here on my blog right now.  Yet the reader can go to the Biblical Archaeological Review site here and see what I mean.  Here are the letters of the alphabet and the number of clear and unclear images:

alpha - 3 clear/11 blurry images
beta - 1 blurry image
gamma - 3 clear/2 blurry images
delta - 3 clear/4 blurry
epsilon - 1 clear/13 blurry images

The list goes on and on.  Check it out yourself.  The images are so bad in some cases that a comparative analysis is utterly impossible.  I don't understand why this wasn't corrected.

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