Friday, June 3, 2011

A Rare Correspondence of Morton Smith From His Days as a Swedenborgian

Smith001 (1)

I have Gregory Jackson the archivist at Bryn Athyn College & Glencairn Museum to thank for this fascinating stuff. The first letter is from one of Smith's teachers at the college. The next letter is from Smith himself. The subject is the interpretation of symbols. It was written when Smith was only 21 years old and two years before he accepted baptism and full membership in the Swedenborgian community. My favorite line in the letter is near the end where Smith confesses "You know of old my dislike of mystery and my coexisting interest in all occult and out of the way knowledge. The combination, I am afraid, will make a strange one in literary criticism, but I am glad, at least, that you enjoyed my essay enough to examine it so closelv." Prophetic words indeed ...

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