Thursday, July 28, 2011

Arnold Ehrhardt on Irenaeus's Activity During the Episcopate of Zephyrinus

Ehrhardt (1964: 18, 11), who dates the [Muratorian] fragment probably to the episcopacy of Zephyrinus, 197-217CE, and who considers Irenaeus to have been one of the authorities behind the fragment, suggests that the fragment's treatment of the Apocalypse of Peter as a canonical book offers a terminus ad quem of 240 CE. [The Reception of Luke and Acts, Andrew Gregory p. 41]

And then the original reference in Ehrhardt's the Framework of the New Testament Stories:

If my analysis is correct, the Muratorian Fragment will appear as a product of the Catholic Church at Rome, probably under Pope Zephyrinus (ad 197- 217), the successor of Victor I. Regarding the first it will appear as a milestone on the way to the formation of the canon of the New Testament marking the occasion when the four Gospel canon was established in the Church at Rome. [p. 11, 12]

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