Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Funny Misinformation About Mar Saba 65

The author isn't malicious just uninformed:

The late Morton Smith, of Columbia University reported in 1958 that he had found a fragment of a manuscript which at the Mar Saba monastery near Jerusalem. It contained the full text of Mark, chapter 10. Apparently the version that is in the Christian Scriptures is an edited version of the original. Additional verses allegedly formed part of the full version of Mark, and were inserted after verse 34. It discusses how a young man, naked but for a linen covering, expressed his love for Jesus and stayed with him at his place all night ...

It does bear a striking resemblance for one of the descriptions of what is said in the text by Peter Jeffery or Bruce Chilton. I could swear this is a citation of his New York Sun article. Maybe closer to the truth.

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