Thursday, July 28, 2011

Parallels Between Academic Discussions of Clement's Letter to Theodore and Justin's Lost Treatise on the Resurrection (Save Only for the Lack of Character Assassination and the Accusations of Forgery With Respect to Justin's Lost Text)

We have to regret the loss of a work which Justin wrote against all the heretical sects of his day, and of his book against Marcion. Whether the fragment of a work on the resurrection, which John of Damascus in the eighth century published under Justin's name, really belongs to him, is extremely doubtful : Eusebius, Jerome, and Photius, knew nothing of any such work. Their silence, however, is no proof that it was not his. [General history of the Christian religion and church, Volume 1, August Neander, Joseph Torrey, Karl Ferdinand, Theodor Schneider p. 670]

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