Sunday, July 3, 2011

We've Raised Ten Percent of Our Goal for the Tselikas Research Project

I am happy to announce that we have already found three donors willing to give 100 Euros each towards our goal of matching all known manuscripts from the Greek monasteries with Mar Saba 65. I have even made preliminary contact with a research firm in Buffalo to employ computers to help with the analytics. The breakdown so far is that one donor is a regular reader of the blog (Roger Viklund) and the other two are people who read about this project at the Freethought and Rationalism Board. One of those donors actually suggested that I get in touch with to help raise additional money.

I will certainly follow up this lead but it is after all the July 4th/Canada Day long weekend as well as the anniversary of my father's passing. I can't believe that I picked the summer holiday weekend to start asking people for donations. Nevertheless, what's done is done. I will start contacting the people who participated at the recent Secret Mark conference individually over the next week. I hope to be up to 1000 Euros by next Monday.

If you have 100 Euros to donate, please help out. This is a chance to settle the question of the authenticity (or forgery) of the Mar Saba 65 text in our lifetimes.

Email with comments or questions.

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