Friday, August 26, 2011

Is It Just Coincidence that Morton Smith is Said to Have Joined to the Convention Church of Swedenborg Church in 1948 - the Very Year He is Known to Have Left Philadelphia for Boston?

Newton MA is the headquarters of the Swedenborgian Church in North America (also known as the General Convention of the Church of the New Jerusalem). The Administrative Offices of the denomination are located at 11 Highland Avenue, Newton, MA. Smith certainly left the General Church in 1948 headquartered in Bryn Athyn, a suburb of Philadelphia. As far as I know Smith never lived in Philadelphia again after that. The General Church believes Swedenborg's writings are the word of God - the Convention Church headquartered in Newton, MA does not. Morton Smith certainly did accept the writings as divinely inspired when he accepted baptism in 1926 and became a member of the General Church of Bryn Athyn in 1936. Morton Smith certainly no longer believed those writings were divinely inspired in 1948. Coincidence?

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