Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Morton Smith's Uncle Ernie Was Canadian

This is a copy of Ernest William Smith's baptism from the Dominion Square Methodist church, Montreal. This would seem to indicate at the very least that only his mother was a member of the Swedenborgian church.  It also gives us a bit more to work on in terms of uncovering relatives of Morton Smith. We now know his uncle's middle name (William), the name of his grandmother on his father's side of the family (Jane Mary Smith?), that Ernest was the older brother (which makes sense given his leading role in H J Smith & Sons), and the fact that Ernest lived only to 56 years of age (1867 - 1923). It seems very likely to me at least that Ernest might well have had kids and so Morton Smith quite possible had cousins.

With his grandfather and uncle now being confirmed as Canadians I wonder if my research would now qualify for a Canadian research grant?

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