Monday, August 8, 2011

What Does Jerome's Statement that the Stromata Attributed to Origen Was Done as a 'Copy' of the Work By Clement?

Clement, a presbyter of Alexandria, in my judgment the most learned of men, wrote eight books of Miscellanies and as many of Outline Sketches, a treatise against the Gentiles, and three volumes called the Pedagogue. Is there any want of learning in these, or are they not rather drawn from the very heart of philosophy? Imitating him Origen (hunc imitatus Origenes) wrote ten books of Miscellanies , in which he compares together the opinions held respectively by Christians and by philosophers, and confirms all the dogmas of our religion by quotations from Plato and Aristotle, from Numenius and Cornutus [Jerome Letter to Magnus 4].

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