Sunday, September 18, 2011

When We Hear Wine Identified as a Mere 'Symbol' How Far Are We From the Reports About the Eucharist of the Heretical Community of Mark?

For, joining the buffooneries of Anaxilaus to the craftiness of the magi, as they are called, he is regarded by his senseless and cracked-brain followers as working miracles by these means.  Pretending to consecrate cups mixed with wine, and protracting to great length the word of invocation, he contrives to give them a purple and reddish colour, so that grace who is one of those that are superior to all things, should be thought to drop her own blood into that cup through means of his invocation, and that thus those who are present should be led to rejoice to taste of that cup, in order that, by so doing, the grace, who is set forth by this magician, may also flow into them. [Irenaeus, Against Heresies 1.13.1,2]

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