Friday, December 2, 2011

The Pentateuch Tells Us that God Had Hands and Feet

I really don't know how modern religionists get around this.  Even Bob Marley makes reference to it in 'Get Up Stand Up' - 'we know and we understand/mighty God is a living man' (of course the reference is here to Emperor Haile Salessi I but the point is still the same).  We are said to be made in God's image (which can only  literally mean that God is anthropomorphically shaped despite the nonsense developed by Philo to the contrary).

All of sudden the Christian belief in Jesus as God doesn't seem like an 'appropriation' from paganism. In fact, the idea that God was going to come down and visit humanity is found in the texts of Qumran.  How could God come down to a particular place unless he capable of having form?  Look also at the Song of Songs which is said to have been particularly influential in the first centuries of the Common Era.  Notice also that the community at Edessa is particularly taken with the same material in the same period as Bar Kochba (or shortly thereafter).

The Shiur Komah (literally, the measurement of the Height of the Creator) was regarded in the Middle Ages as the worst and most embarrassing example of ancient Jewish anthropomorphism. The text of the Shiur Komah is based on verses 5:10-16 of the Song of Songs, which describe the physical appearance of the Lover. It includes a list of the divine limbs, a list of their names, which are a long series of Hebrew letters, most of them completely unpronounceable and unintelligible, and a third list detailing the measurements of each limb.

As embarrassing as this might be, there is something absolutely authentic bubbling under the surface of these texts.

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