Friday, December 2, 2011

Secret Mark and Samaritan Mark

Yes, I wrote a stupid book.  But sometimes the messenger isn't up for the task of delivering the message.  As Jesus once said "I have often desired to hear one of these words, and I had no one who could utter it."  It is because people aren't aware of what Mark says in the Samaritan tradition that they don't my book.  All these people debating 'Secret Mark' but listen to what Mark says in his preserved writings among the Samaritans:

When God made His voice heard at Mount Sinai, all of Israel were listening and fearful. They said to Moses, “Draw near and listen, for we are afraid to do so." So Moses drew near to the holy deep darkness where the Divine One was, and he saw the wonders of the unseen, a sight no one else could see. God's image dwelt on him, the very face of God. How terrifying to anyone who beholds it, for no one is able to stand before it. With his hands Moses received the signature of God, and it was a treasure-house of all knowledge. His body mingled with the angels above and he dwelt with them, being worthy of doing so. His speech was like the speech of the Lord. His voice mingled with the voice of the Lord, and he was magnified above all the human race. [Mimar Marqe (loosely quoted by Howard Schwartz) 5.3]

This is the origin of Simon Magus and it is the reason Jesus was initiating the youth in the Alexandrian gospel.

Let him who has ears, let him hear ...

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