Wednesday, December 7, 2011

To My Reddit Readers

I have never had as many hits on my blog so I feel almost like visitors have come over to my house when its messy.  The mass visitation seems to have been caused by my response to a redditor raising certain questions about my book the Real Messiah.  That's cool.  Even people who like me don't necessarily like the book.  The fact that I Google my own name on a weekly - the truth is almost daily - basis has less to do with me being an egomaniac as it is the boring nature of my life. By checking that people are talking about me I can pretend that I have a life.

I was very lucky to have someone publish anything I had written given that I have little in the way of expertise or fame.  My point is that despite the fact that I feel quite fortunate to have had anyone want to publish anything I have written, the deal that I struck with the publishers has left me open to criticism.  I am obviously responsible ultimately for my acceptance of those editorial decisions.  Yet it is difficult to stop a speeding train especially if you have no experience as a conductor let alone it being your first time traveling by rail.

As to the question of why I have done more to provide footnotes for the book.  It isn't that simple.  There are some significant typos in the work which I have mentioned here before.  Yet I must also take personal responsibility for writing the book in a way which wasn't necessarily the best way to approach matters.

It's a lot like having sex really.  When your a virgin - like I was up until last Thursday - you have no frame reference.  You just think it's just these people engaged in a certain physical activity.  It's hard to put the whole experience together until you go through it a couple of times.  That's also the logic behind having an age of consent.

With respect to book publishing I stumbled through the experience like I did most things in my life - not really paying much attention to anyone but me.  To this end, my publisher had a difficult job turning something which was only meant for me into something which was meant for everyone but me.  To that end, they worked miracles even getting something to print.

Now with all of that said, that is with me being a virgin and my 'first experience' being a publisher of New Age books, I ended up with the product that you see before you.  Are there shortcomings to the book?  Certainly.  Is it 'me'?  Well, it's a heavily edited version of 'me' - which isn't always a bad thing.  For instance, the 'me' in 2009 would have been a book that started in the middle and went nowhere and was written for one person - i.e. 'me' - or at least 'me' at that time.

I think writing a blog every day and engaging people other than 'me' in various social media has helped developed me into a better writer.  I still don't know how the hell to turn this idea into something that would be compelling reading for a million readers.  Some might say that this shouldn't be the point of writing a book.  "You should write something to enlighten the world."  Yet the two ideas aren't entirely antithetical to one another.

It would have been nice if I could have started some massive discussion across all media platforms about whether or not the last king of Israel was the original author of the gospel.  Yet this seems highly fanciful.  On the one hand, it sounds like an outlandish conspiracy theory which some hippy might tell you after one too many bong hits.  On the other hand, even if it were true, the world is too busy being stupidly busy to even consider its truthfulness.

It is what it is until someone finds something buried in what was the Judean wilderness ...

PS - It's a real bummer the Reddit site is down, I would have ended up with even more readers. I also could have corrected some of the typos in my comments ...

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