Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Pope is Dead

Pope Shenouda III had died.  He was eighty eight (a perfect number no less).  If Western media outlets had any sense they would try and secure rights to film the highly mystical ceremony. When a Coptic pope dies, all 150 bishops of the church's Holy Council appoint an acting patriarch until a vote is conducted for a successor. Thousands of bishops, priests and monks are eligible to vote. The most senior bishop usually takes the role of acting patriarch. In this case, that would be Bishop Michael of Asiut. If he declines, Bishop Bakhamious of Behira is next in line. Expect the reincarnation of Christ within days ...

Expect a ceremony conducted over three days with three consecutive visits to the most holy churches of Egypt.  The ritual is done in deliberate imitation of the resurrection.  The ceremony used to culminate at site of the original Church of St Mark in the 'Grass Pasture' (i.e. just beyond the eastern walls of Alexandria).  That church is now wholly underwater.  It would have been amazing to see the event coincide with Easter to truly bring out all the original symbolism.

The coronation was never the same after 830 CE when the Copts lost the throne and the body of St Mark.  Passing around someone else severed head just doesn't cut it - at least for me.  The Venetians should just give it back.  It doesn't make sense, sitting disconnected from everything as a museum piece.  People might take more interest in the symbolism all over its front, back and sides.

I really should write another article explaining the symbolism to people.  This throne really is an ancient relic unlike all the other nonsense that was created in the fourth century.  Just look at the backrest.  This is classic Samaritanism.  Notice the rivers running downwards as if on a mountain.  In the four branches of the tree the words 'the ninth vision' in Aramaic which relates to the ninth vision of Zechariah which is an enthronement rite.  It truly is a fascinating relic.  Maybe in another life this will all make sense to the world.  Christ is dead, long live Christ.

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