Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Exclusive: It's a Romney-Palin Ticket in November

As my regular readers are well aware I absolutely never delve into politics at this blog.  From the very beginning I have devoted myself to investigating various topics related to earliest Christianity and since about February we have been developing the outline for a new book.  Nevertheless, I have to break with tradition to report on something I am not even supposed to know.  Sarah Palin is Mitt Romney's choice for his vice presidential candidate.  I have already said that referencing the upcoming election or any election is breaking with tradition here.

I am not registered or affiliated with either political party.  I can't even say how I came across this information other than the person that gave me the information is a relatively well known Republican political operative (his name at the very least) whom I happened to have been in close proximity recently.  It was like something out of a movie.  I was in the right place at the right time.  I will have to think about revealing the exact circumstances of how I came across this information as it might raise some issues for my personal life.  Nevertheless I can say with absolute certainty that she is the VP pick.  I was not supposed to hear the information.  I did and since very few people even read this blog, it is just meant to be a personal reference to my readership.

When you see it happen, you'll remember who told you the information.  I am absolutely certain of the accuracy and reliability of my source.  More to follow.  I am going to have to think about how I can explain how I know, what I know and why people should believe me.  Give me some time on this.  In any event, on to chapter fifteen in my new book ...

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