Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I Had a Lot of Fun Being Interviewed by Miguel Conner

Honestly.  I wasn't hawking a book, I wasn't promoting an idea.  It was just me for over an hour (something which my wife would certainly pay money not to have to endure).  Nevertheless if you read this blog and are interested in some of the ideas I present - especially about the Jesus Wife Fragment, the Mar Saba letter or if you just want to hear the Stephan Huller experience, tune into Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio next weekend.  I must be deluded but I actually thought I was extremely entertaining.  Maybe you won't share the same opinion.  But it was like reading this blog at a hundred miles an hour (160 km).

Topics referenced in rapid fire succession - my experience with the documentary producers who produced the Jesus Fragment movie, the irony of Karen King telling me that Mar Saba was probably a fake, Morton Smith's life as a Swedenborgian, my bad experience with Greek monks, how my blog led my wife to question my sexual orientation, what's up with Robert Price's support of Mitt Romney, tracking down Kallistos Dourvas, how Christian salvation was based on the intimacy of two people (and how this doesn't mean I am trying to get a spot on the Oprah network) and that's just the first fifteen minutes.

I haven't heard what I sound like but as I said - I was entertained.  Hopefully you will be entertained too.

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