Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Help Request the Restoration of Missing Pages to Ephrem's Against Marcion

Michael Toth is using advanced hyperspectral imaging to reveal ancient texts in the library at St. Catherine’s, a remote Greek Orthodox monastery in Egypt’s Sinai desert.  The work has received widespread media coverage.  I have signed up for instance to hear Toth's lecture at the Library of Congress will take place from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 19, in the Mumford Room on the sixth floor of the James Madison Building, 101 Independence Ave. S.E., Washington, D.C.   Yet as is often the case, I think Toth is overlooking manuscripts which need his technical help that are already in our possession.

This link at Roger Pearse's site copies out word for word C W Mitchell's work with the original Syriac manuscript of Ephrem's Against the Heresies at the British Museum (Folio 13b of the Palimpsest B.M. Add. 14623).  Mitchell painstakingly recovered Ephraim's discourses which buried in old palimpsest under more recent material much like the situation at St Catherines. Mitchell merely applied chemical agents to reveal the original manuscript dealing with the Marcionites.

Much of the text is presently unknown to us - especially key sections dealing with the Marcionites and what remains isn't perfectly translated (because of the uncertainty of the text).  I have sent an email requesting this work be carried out by modern day hyperspectral imagining so that we can (a) correct uncertainties in Mitchell's translation and (b) whole pages of information about the Marcionites which Mitchell was unable to recover.  I am quite certain there is a great deal of information which is of value here.

If you share my interest in the Marcionites and want to see quite literally pages and pages of information about this made available to us please help me convince Michael Toth to make this his next effort.  His email address is rbtoth at gmail.com or mail at rbtoth.com.

Email stephan.h.huller@gmail.com with comments or questions.

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